Why Does Human Body Age?

Published: 30th June 2010
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Everyone experiences aging. But somehow it is still a mysterious phenomenon that no one can understand completely. It is constant and predictable process that involves changes and development in an organism or object over time. It consists of a set of processes that it cannot be referred to as a single event.

Chronological aging, although much more complex, can be thought of as a shelf life. Yes, the thing that we see around us. Over time, the organ function declines. That includes the whole body systems. Like food, it may go bad. An unopened bottle of instant and commercial coffee may have a shelf life of up to a year. To get the maximum shelf life, care should be taken to comply to the recommended storage practice. However, no matter what you do, there is no way to prevent changes in taste and texture as time goes by. Why does this happen?

Certain conditions allow food to stay at its optimum state. So do human body. With an exception though. Beyond its shelf life, food composition will change. Without protected in its storage, it can quickly deteriorate before the expiration date is over.

The shelf-life of human being is over 100 years. Many things may cause human being to achieve less than that though. For instance, besides the genes, the environment and lifestyle also play a big role. Nowadays, on average life expectancy of human being averages around 75 years. Besides many obvious reasons like air pollutants, economic circumstances and access to medical care also affect life expectancy.

Aside from the external detrimental effects, genetic factors passed down by generations also contribute to aging. Hereditary traits makes the rate of aging different from one individual to another.

The aging process usually begins after human beings stop growing. During this time, hereditary traits are going to develop and show. At the same time, when immune function is reduced, various disorders begin to develop readily.

Simply put, aging happens in human bodies as soon as we stop developing. The rate of which it occurs will increase exponentially as time goes by. Besides physical change, aging also includes of slow reaction time with age, psychological and social change.

Although the rate differs in every individual, the effects of aging are the same. The process itself is unstoppable. No one can get out of life, but at the same time, you can preserve your body if you so choose.

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